In our remote counselling sessions at CSPS, I'll walk with you through every step of your unique journey, offering genuine support and specialised care tailored just for you.

Remote Counselling

  • Personal Growth & Family Dynamics: Supportive guidance through life’s relational ebbs and flows.
  • Emotional Well-being: Individualised care for depression, anxiety, and gender identity exploration.
  • Telephone and Video Consultations Available

Specialised Support

  • Life Transitions: Adjustment disorders, assistance to adapt effectively to new situations both within your home and/or work environment.
  • Anger Management: Techniques to help find your calm and regain control.

Comprehensive Assessments

  • In-Depth Insights: Detailed psychological assessments and psychometric evaluations to enable preparation of Court reports for Criminal, Compensations and Family Court matters.
  • Perceptual Understanding: Screening for and Diagnosis of the presence of Irlen Visual dyslexia.  Individual diagnosis of spectral filters to assist in improving visual perception and reducing visual distortions present with this condition.

Healing and Recovery

  • Trauma Therapy: Compassionate support for PTSD, abuse and loss.
  • Recovery Pathways: Collaborative approaches for addiction recovery and overcoming physical trauma.

Fee Options

We offer a wide range of billing options ensuring you can get the assistance you need.

Letters & Reports

Please note that if you request letters and/or reports to be prepared that they are not provided as part of the sessional fee itself, therefore the appropriate fee will need to be negotiated and paid prior to preparation.

I'm here to help

This journey is yours – unique, personal, and deserving of the utmost care. At Clear Solutions, the focus is on creating a space where you can be heard, where your challenges are met with tailored strategies, and where every step taken is a step towards your wellbeing. Here, it’s not just about the services offered; it’s about you finding your way to a brighter, more peaceful tomorrow.